“My choice of flowers favours the wild and the freely growing, rather than what is held in a vase. I try to emphasise the delicacy and transience of flowers by the use of suggestive background textures.”

Apple Blossom  SOLD

Wood Anemones (27 X 26 cm)

Available from Studio

Crocuses 26 x 34 cm

Available from Studio

Primroses & Pimpernels (24 x 33 cm)

Available from Studio

Cyclamens & pansies SOLD

Foxglove Spires (37 x 18 cm)

Available from Studio

Snowdrops SOLD

Hypericum SOLD

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Bronze Sunflowers (35 x 24 cm)

Available from Studio

Cherry Blossom SOLD

Snowdrops & muscari 25 x 22 cm SOLD

Primroses. 21 x 21 cm. Watercolour with gold leaf. Available from Studio