“I spent my early life in Southern Africa, where an interest in birds was ignited during a spell in Botswana. The birdlife here was abundant and stunningly colourful, and I possibly didn't appreciate what a privilege it was to be able to sit in the garden and paint a kingfisher from life! 

I now live in a small village in the Republic of Ireland, where I have close access to rural fields and hedgerows, woodlands, beaches and a garden rich in trees and therefore birds. A small flock of bullfinches satisfies a craving for colour, for which I must forgive them their annual stripping of every last bud off the blossoming trees in February….”


… as viewed from my studio window, great numbers of  birds pose willingly on the bird-feeder or on the beak and head of the ornamental heron!

Long tail tits SOLD

Coal tits. Available

Blue tit SOLD


Goldfinches in the Rosebush  35 x 25 cm


Pleasant Pheasant (23 x 30 cm)

Available from Studio

Grey Heron SOLD

Smaller bird paintings, which appear in the Birthday Calendar, featuring Garden Birds of Ireland. Some originals are available.

Sparrow  SOLD

Goldcrests. Available

Chaffinch. Available

Great tits. Available

Goldfinch. Available

Greenfinch. SOLD

Goldcrest 19 x 27 cm


Please remember that copyright on all images remains strictly with the artist, and reproduction by any means is prohibited

Blue Tits, Cyanistes Caeruleus. 27 x 27 cm SOLD

Sparrow Fledgelings 18 x 23 cm

Available from Studio

Brent Geese 27 x 36 cm

Available from Studio

Aegithalos Caudatus, Long Tailed Tits.

27 x 27 cm SOLD

Bullfinches and blossoms SOLD

Robin on the Fencepost.15 x 29 cm